About the Parents’ Role in Our Educational Process

Parents play a uniquely important role in the Suzuki approach used at Barrett Suzuki Music School. They play an active part in their child’s learning because they are actually learning to play the instrument along with their child in the beginning.

Children are used to learning everything from their parents in the beginning of life because their parents are the consummate role models for their child. At our school, we continue this process with our music lessons.

Advantages of Learning with Your Child

Parents rent stringed instruments along with their child and learn alongside them at lessons for the first three months of training. Many parents enjoy it so much that they continue with their child throughout the entire learning process! This method teaches parents what it’s like to learn an instrument first-hand so they know what their children are experiencing.

The Suzuki method challenges the parent to do more than grasp techniques intellectually and then coach their child.  Even when a parent doesn’t actually learn the instrument, they attend every lesson as an integral part of their child’s practicing and learning.

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