About the Suzuki Method

Dr. Barrett on the Suzuki Philosophy:

It is my opinion that the most important element in Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy is his belief in the power of the life force in each individual. It is this supremely adaptable force that makes it possible for each child to master her/his mother tongue so beautifully. That accomplishment was what inspired Dr. Suzuki to begin teaching very young children and to insist that all children could learn to play a musical instrument to a very high level of achievement. This is why he called his method “The Mother Tongue Method.” I see this as almost a spark of the divine in each individual. It is that divine spark that is nurtured and honored as the child progresses. As she/he begins to become an accomplished player the ability of the child is developed and enhanced. This is a wonderful way to develop self-esteem in the learner. It also shows the incredible potential of each human being for achievement in any area, which is what Dr. Suzuki was trying to show.

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