Aldo and Lisa Noto, student parents

“To Prospective Music Students: Our daughter, Lucia, demonstrated a love for music and instruments of all kinds at the young age of two. She sat at the piano with adults for over 30-minutes mesmerized by the melodic sounds it made! Lucia’s pre-school teacher recommended that we consider enrolling her in the Suzuki Music Studio in Reston, Virginia under the instruction of Dr. Carolyn Barrett. Lucia began taking violin lessons with Dr. Barrett at the age of two and a half! Over the past year we have been elated with Lucia’s wonderful transformative musical experience. She has progressed from singing “Do, Re, Me…” while repeatedly watching “The Sound of Music” to learning the following from Dr. Barrett’s instruction: singing a note on command, recognizing the “G clef” on a staff; recognizing over eight songs just by hearing them played on both the violin or piano; and properly holding and playing her first song on the violin! She regularly holds recitals at home, referred to by her as “shows,” in our music room for anyone interested in watching her. During this time, she works her way through a mock session of one of Dr. Barrett’s lessons. In conjunction with and to reinforce Dr. Barrett’s instruction, we have developed and implemented a positive reinforcement system at home! We are convinced that without Dr. Barrett’s musical skills coupled with her patience and supportive nature, Lucia would not be where she is today – an emerging young musician! Dr. Barrett offers redirection with gentle support for young learners! She ensures a non-competitive environment during lessons. Dr. Barrett methodically moves her students through the steps of learning proper techniques using positive reinforcement strategies. She groups students together for lessons, so that modeling can occur to encourage the budding learner! We highly recommend Dr. Carolyn Barrett as an instructor – She has a true gift to connect with and instruct the youngest learners!”